Tuesday, February 07, 2006

>>> Standup or Submit <<<

The real instigators of the outrageous reactions to Muhammad’s caricatures are the devilish Muslim clerics in Denmark who re-circulated the so called blasphemous cartoons months after their initial publication. Their feelings were hurt when the Danish premier, being ill advised refused to meet with these Danish clerics four months ago. Remember, the Jyllands Posten Daily originally published the cartoons back in Sept 2005!

The Islamic political Card, Mass Manipulation by un-popular and non-democratic governments in the Islamic countries has now been played.

The United States and the European Union better, swiftly and firmly, get their acts together. They need to be ready to tell the supposedly Islamic Nations that they have 24 hours to shut their embassies and 72 hours to remove all their nationals from the western countries.

The organized savagery and barbaric acts against Danish and other country’s diplomatic missions must be stopped immediately by the Imams and others responsible for getting the crowds out for the ritual marches of outrage.

For the U. S. media, in conjunction with other defenders of democratic principals, some of whom are still on the sideline, stand up and publish all those caricatures in defiance of those oppressors!

Show the courage it takes to safe keep the freedoms, rights and values that are precious to free people everywhere.

For the Tehran’s daily paper that initiated a retaliatory caricature contest on the subject of Holocaust to challenge the tolerance level on the freedom of expression, I suggest that while they are on this issue; why not print all the censored cartoons and images in the archive of the Information and Guidance Ministry’s. Many of the authors of these images lost their freedom over that expression of their thoughts, if in fact not their lives.

“We must not be intimidated” by agents of darkness and promoters of hate.