Thursday, November 17, 2005

Exhibitions 2005

Hejab Exposition

No Veil Is Required

The Hejab Exposition took place at D'Last Gallery in Chicago between October, 02 and November, 23, 2004

No Veil Is Required, a multi media presentation including photography exhibits and installation, was presented in five venues in Chicago and Palatine, from the 25 of October to the 27 of November, 2005.

Harper College, Palatine

Chicago Art District - Opening Day of Artist's Month

Gene Siskal Film Center

Columbia College, Chicago

D'Last Gallery

“Hejab Series, a recently opened exhibition at d’Last Studios and Gallery in Pilsen, begins to construct a bridge across this chasm of understanding on more levels than might initially meets the eye.”

“Hejab Series functions less as art in the expected sense, and more as a multi-channel, hence highly engaging lesson on its topic.”(1)

“Very powerful exhibit. It is a side of these women that needs to be expressed in the face of opposition.” Karina Fruin.

“Very scandalous pictures, but they are great. I like the different view of it.” K. Garcia.

“Louder than words – art & life” Viktorien.

“Wonderful & thoughtful show – should not be banned. Thanks –“ Ryan Appeit.

“I am very glad the controversy happened as otherwise I and many friends would not have seen this wonderful work … Thank you –” Helene Smith.

"Society needs more thoughtful, critical dialogue on matters of belief and culture. Thank you for sticking with it. It’s not always easy to challenge people to think about the way they see themselves and their connection to their world. “Live your truth”.” Paula.

“ The point here is not subtlety or intricacy of meaning so much as a clear gesture of resistance.”(1)

“Normandi’s studio photographs are made more powerful by their back story.”(1)

“Another compelling feature of the show is its interactive elements.”(1)

"Muslim Students Shut Down Exhibit at Harper College.

When Muslim students at a community college in Illinois complained about an art exhibit that criticized the repressive symbol of radical Islam known as the hijab, the school promptly removed the offending artwork.

An art exhibit that included photographs of nude Muslim women wearing only a head covering was taken down Thursday afternoon just hours after opening for public viewing at Harper College in Palatine... Read more." Little Green Football - October 28, 2005

College Pulls Controversial Muslim Art Exhibit - NBC
November 9, 2005

“It is interesting to see the conservative Iranian modesty juxtaposed with such an opposite feeling of openness.” Drew J.

“Can a veil really restrain sensuality. To me, the photographs are very liberating. The power of female sensuality is always present whether covered up or not.” K. Kemper.

“Excellent show. Wonderful sensual/religion contrast. See you next year.” Tim Hauyt.

“Extremely powerful, bold but in favor of cultural continuity, traditional garb of all the Mohammedan countries should be respected both in chastity, celibacy, and not the least in their erotic sensation.” Ken Ladien - Former Co-Chairman Law Committee, Illinois Consultation of Ethnicity on Education.

“It occurred to me as I left the gallery how perfectly this show, without intending to, dramatizes the idea behind my column’s title –Escape from Art School” (1)

“Work like Normandi’s, while short on nuance and intellectual hoop-jumping, easily and clearly tell us something worth knowing.” (1)

No Veil is Required

(1) Chicago Journal, Metropolis Section
[Escape from art school] When Subtlety is not Enough By Kathryn Rosenfeld
November 4, 2004