Thursday, November 17, 2005

When Is a Boob Just a Boob?

"Harper College booted Amir Normandi exibit for lack of "intellectual content."

Visitors to a remount in Pilsen can decide if it was a good call."

More Visitor's Comments:

“El Arte es la major fuerza de protestar. ‘Hasta ca voctproa siempre.” Jose Uribe

“The women and their bras was a very powerful and harsh, yet vibrant image. Your color play and the leopard print made the reality of the picture rather inescapable” Paula M

“Very Powerful work. I’m please to see an exhibit in Pilsen that could be controversial and invite some dialogue. Thank you.” Claudia Rivera

“You make a fantastic, bold & provocative statement with your photography that needs to be seen by peoples. Keep up the great work. Society needs more artists like you.” Henry Chen

“Thank you so much for creating statements that illuminate the truth.” Eric Doctors

“The show was excellent: Open and provocative. Just the way art should be. Congratulations.” Lupillo Rivera

“Secure in Saudi Arabia’ Fear/Intimacy – very intriguing juxtaposition of man & woman.” Rick Kaufman / Corrie Hester

“Very unusual, sensual and sad –” Helen

“A Road Less Traveled” Roman

“The eye of an artist in service of a noble cause – moving exhibit. Thank you!” Anonymous

“It was my pleasure to attend this powerful show. Hope to see other exhibition of work.” A. Serest

“Thought provoking. I look forward to seeing more work from you on the topic.” Jonathan Silverstein

“I read The Reader - That is how I found this show. I felt that the photos were beautiful and inspiring – I was not offended by the subject matter and wonder why people get so up thigh!” Lesi Miller